Tourism today is recognised as one of the largest industries in the world, besides being one of the most significant sources of employment and GDP

When done sustainably, tourism development can be an effective stimulant for economic growth besides preserving culture , traditions and benefitting all kind of economies by creating new jobs and businesses.

LiveBean with its comprehensive set of sustainable tourism consulting services is committed to tourism development that creates a positive experience for the local population, businesses, and tourists themselves.

We implement comprehensive programs focused on improving the quality of life for local residents without compromising the future well being of people besides assisting destinations around the world in achieving their development goals.

Allow LiveBean to assist you with your country, region , county, state , district or city tourism development plans with our cutting edge work to support global development through sustainable tourism.

Within the FDI Services we focus on:

  • National/County Level Master Plan
  • Revenue Enhancement Plan
  • Collective Marketing Plan
  • Centre of Excellence
  • Bilateral Promotions