Changing demographics are leading to rising citizen expectations for superior urban living and it is persistently stressing the finite and often insufficient government budgets.

Emerging markets in Africa and Asia have a cyclic challenge as the demand for infrastructure spend is extremely high and often hygiene for generating revenues which in turn are required to meet the expectations of the citizens – the most fundamental obligation of any government. But, development of infrastructure in-turn needs fund !

The needs of any emerging market is to establish a self-sustaining economic model, which is liberal enough to attract global private sector investments and yet it is inclusive of the local population in the journey of development and wealth creation.

Our Government sector advisory services focus specifically on ‘wealth creation’ and not on review and auditory services. We believe in creating well thought out and designed structures which are, self governing with a strong involvement of private sector making the solutions attractive for – investors, financial institutions, development funds and business enterprises.

Our core offerings with the Government Sector Advisory are:

  • County / Province Strategic Master Planning – economic & social
  • Sector Revenue Enhancement Operating Model
  • Foreign Direct Investment Advisory