About Us

LiveBean is a multi disciplinary and a multinational advisory firm focusing and specializing in three distinct areas of
advisory services –

  • Deal and Investment Advisory Services
  • Hospitality Management & Consulting Services – Hotels & Tourism sector
  • and Strategic Consulting

At LiveBean we strongly believe that true value adding advisory services can only be provided by globally tenured experts
and hence the firm only comprises of very senior professionals from across industry sectors and geographies; individuals
who have significant track record of building and transforming businesses in various global economies.

Established in 2007 in India, the firm has grown steadily along with its customers and today has a strong presence in four
fast developing regions:

  • LiveBean India : Established in 2007 : Addressing the Indian sub-continent
  • LiveBean East Africa : Established in 2010 : Addressing the Eastern African region, Headquartered in Kenya
  • LiveBean Indonesia : Established in 2011 : Addressing the Asia Pacific region
  • LiveBean UAE : Established in 2015 : Addressing the Middle East region
LiveBean East Africa

LiveBean in Eastern Africa is focused on developing bankable projects and attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into
Kenya. We leverage our presence in India, Middle East and Asia to position the various projects to potential investors and
joint venture partners. Our local presence in these regions and strong tenured relationships help us to expedite the
process from concept to realization. Our deep relationships with the governmental agencies in some of these regions acts
as an able facilitator for bilateral ties. We have well established working relationship with both mid-sized and large
investment institutions for both equity and debt.

Having understood the real needs of region, we engage in projects from concept stage itself to develop well structured
business plans, which are bankable as opposed to doing just transaction advisory. We engage with private asset owners
and convert their assets into long term corporate businesses. At the same stage we engage with county governments to
structure projects which are ideal for counties based on local resources; and see these projects through from concept to